Water treatment "year-end examination" performance eye-catching short-term industrial chain growth opportunity
Column:Technical article Time:2018-08-04
In the first half of the year, the sewage treatment industry developed rapidly, integrating technology, service resources and ...

In the first half of the year, the sewage treatment industry developed rapidly, integrating technology, service resources and advantages, and integrating new development kinetic energy to drive significant growth in the environmental protection industry. The industry generally believes that consumption upgrades have promoted the rise of water environment governance. According to market analysis, the future water treatment industry will maintain rapid growth, which will become an important driving force for the continued growth of the green economy.
“High Breath” and “High Quality” – these two words became the key words in the water treatment industry in the first half of this year. With the release of the performance report of water treatment enterprises in the first half of 2018, the status quo of the sewage treatment industry, which has been expanding due to the policy trend and the profit is declining, has begun to show its popularity.
In today's world, the rising demand for water and clearing green and the increasing environmental protection have made the promotion and application of sewage treatment an inevitable trend. Compared with last year's high growth trend, the overall growth rate of sewage treatment in the first half of the year has slowed down, but the business structure has been continuously optimized, and the high-efficiency, intelligent and refined water treatment equipment manufacturing equipment has become the mainstream, and the industry has accelerated its return to the original source. In the eyes of the industry, the sewage treatment sector is gradually bidding farewell to extensive operations and turning to intensive farming. The research and development of water treatment equipment products is more standardized and more effective, and the development of sewage treatment enterprises is more important in terms of “gold content”.
Domestic brokerage analysis pointed out that although the industry transformation has put pressure on business growth, the effectiveness of structural adjustment is gradually emerging. From the data of this month's single month, the water environment management business has shown a trend of picking up month by month, especially in the emerging fields such as seawater desalination and membrane processing equipment. It is worth noting that small and medium-sized water treatment enterprises that have undergone transformational “pain” have entered a period of healthy growth after reducing the low-value-rate business and increasing the high-value growth cycle and high-quality service business.
“Actively adjusting the business structure and accelerating the return to the source of protection, these positive changes in water treatment enterprises combine the requirements of the current water environment governance to highlight the main business and to be professional.” The above-mentioned person in charge pointed out that the core value of water environment management lies in risk management. Water treatment enterprises should combine the demand side in the point source control, non-point source pollution control, ecological restoration and other aspects of governance needs, improve supply changes, and provide more cost-effective comprehensive services for the demand side.
What changes will happen to sewage treatment companies when the new normal arrives? Water environment treatment technology, water treatment equipment manufacturing, engineering construction and project operation and maintenance constitute the middle and lower reaches of the sewage treatment industry chain. From the performance forecast in the first half of 2018, the middle and lower reaches are bearing increasing pressure on profits. It can be seen that although the support policies have generally declined, a series of institutional regulations have also raised the technical threshold, which can encourage water treatment enterprises to upgrade their R&D skills. Most importantly, this policy can enhance the expectations of the entire industry, that is, the favorable policy will gradually withdraw, and low-level repetitive manufacturing is no longer feasible.
For the sewage treatment market in the second half of the year, domestic brokerage forecasts are extremely optimistic – “the endogenous power will remain, and water environment management will be a better development in the second half of the year.” But the industry does not see it this way. An industry veteran pointed out that as the water environment governance gradually advances into the brand war, coupled with the continuous release of new capacity, the performance in the industry chain will continue to differentiate. It is expected that the development of many water treatment enterprises will be differentiated in the next step, the reshuffle will accelerate, and key enterprises will gradually mature. Small and medium-sized enterprises may seek mergers and acquisitions in the case of capital withdrawal.
The increase in supply reform and the intensification of industrial restructuring are one of the characteristics of the market. As the sewage treatment market continues to expand, there will be more players to manage the water environment. Initially, the performance of water treatment leaders with equipment manufacturing, ecological restoration and comprehensive services will continue to be high, and the overall trend of the overall industrial chain will become clearer. Regarding future development, “efficient” is still the key word for the business strategy of water treatment enterprises. An industry veteran pointed out that the sewage treatment sector should ensure that the high-quality, high-quality business development speed is much higher than the overall business development speed, and continuously improve the proportion of water treatment preparation manufacturing that fits the proposition of the times.
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