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Forged steel thread, bearing check valve

Model: Z11Y / Z61Y
Nominal diameter: NPS3 / 8 "~ 2"
Nominal pressure: Class150 ~ 2500Lb
Suitable medium: water, steam, oil and the like
Temperature: -29 ℃ ~ 550 ℃
Main material: A105, A182 F22, A182F 304L, A182 F316L
Manufacturing Standards: According to API 602, BS5352, ANSI B16.34
Testing and Acceptance: According to API 598, marking according to MSS SP-25
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Forged steel gate valve has three kinds of bonnet design, the first is a bolt-type valve bonnet, connected by concave and convex surface, stainless steel with flexible graphite spiral wound gasket, ring can also be used on request connection, the second is the welding bonnet, Sealing by thread after welding, according to demand can also be used directly rigid welding, the third is self-sealing bonnet, threaded and self-sealing bonnet connection. 

Gate valve structure design and specification:

Forged steel gate valve manufacturing according to API 602, BS5352, ANSI B16.34. 
Test and acceptance per API 598, logo according to MSS SP-25.

Structure type is as follows:

 1, full diameter or reduced diameter; 
 2, Ming rod with bracket; 
 3, self-aligning at both ends of the packing pressure sleeve; 
 4, with wound gasket bolt type valve cover, Seal bonnet 
 5, body inverted seal; 
 6, socket welding ANSI / ASME B16.11; 
 7, the threaded end (NPT end) according to ANSI / ASME B1.20.1.

Standard material list

Serial numberPart NameCStoASTMAStoASTMSStoASTM
1BodyA105A182 F22A182F 304LA182 F316L
2SeatA276 420A276 304A276 304LA276 316L
3gateA182F 430 & 410A182 F304A182F 304LA182 F316L
4Valve stemA182 F6A182 F304A182F 304LA182 F316L
5Gasket316 clip flexible graphite316 Clamp PTFE
6capA105A276 F304A276F 304LA276 F316L
7boltA193 B7A193 B16A193 B8A193 B8M
8PinA276420A276 304
9Packing pressure sleeveA276410A182F 304LA182F F316L
10Easter boltA193 B7A193 B16A193 B8A193 B8M
11Packing platenA105A182 F11A182F 304LA182F 316L
12NutA194 2HA194 4A194 8A194 8M
13Stem nutA276 420
14fasten the screw nutA194 2HA194 4A194 8A194 8M
18fillerFlexible graphitePTFE
Suitable mediaWater, steam, oil and so onWater, steam, oil and so onNitric acid, acetic acid and so on
proper temperature-29 ° C to 425 ° C-29 ° C to 550 ° C-29 ℃ ~ 200 ℃


The main connection size and weight

NPSReduced diameter3/8 "1/2 "3/4 "1"1/4 "1/2 "2"
Full diameter
3/8 "1/2 "3/4 "1"1/4 "1/2 "2"
H open158158169197236246283330
weightBolt type2.