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Pneumatic three-way piston valve

Model: ZSQN
Nominal diameter: DN20 ~ 200mm
Nominal pressure: PN1.0 ~ 6.4MPa
Connection: Flange
Body material: cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel
Suitable medium: water, steam, oil, acid and other
Suitable temperature : Soft seal F (tetrafluoroethylene) ≤ 180 ℃, hard seal ≤ 450 ℃.
Drive: Pneumatic
Design criteria: GB / T17213
Flange Standard: GB / T9113, JB / T79 , HG20594 and other standard
Inspection standards: GB / T4213
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ZSQN piston pneumatic three-way shut-off valve, the ZS-type spring piston actuator and the shut-off valve, small size and light weight, cut off quickly and reliably, allowing the pressure difference. It is the executive component of automatic control system. It takes two regulating instruments, PC program-controlled machine and electronic control ON-OFF switch signal to cut off, turn on or change the medium flow direction, realize the two-way control of process parameters, suitable for process pipe Emergency cut off and vent with automatic protection interlock system and other places. This series of products are film, piston two. The valve body structure has a single seat, sleeve, two seat (two three) three, the sealing form of packing seal and bellows seal two. Has the advantages of simple structure, large operating force, small size, light weight, small flow resistance, large valve capacity, good sealing performance and convenient maintenance. For non-granular, non-impurity gas, liquid medium, requiring close close fast, quick emptying of the automatic control system. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, textile and other production processes in the automation and control systems. 

ZSQN-type pneumatic piston three-way shut-off valve main performance parameters
Type: Pneumatic Piston Actuator 
Supply pressure: 0.4-0.7MPa 
ZSQN-type pneumatic piston three-way shut-off valve Type of action: gas or gas off (the role of three-way shut-off valve The way is on the valve seat, the air is the side of the open at the end of the valve, the valve is the role of the implementing agencies. On the other hand, the gas off the side of the closed at the end.) 
Sealing material: PTFE, stainless steel, etc. 
Flow characteristics: 
Leakage: Metal seat: less than 0.01% of the valve rated capacity, in line with GB / T4213IV-class 
soft seat: less than the rated capacity of the valve 10-7, in line with GB / T4213V level 
cut off time: 0.5-4 seconds

Nominal diameter 
DN (mm)
LAHH1Weight (Kg)Signal connector 
internal thread
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