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High pressure differential - high-performance angle control valve

Model: ZJSJ
Nominal diameter: DN20 ~ 200mm
Nominal pressure: GB: 1.6 ~ 10.0MPa, ANSI: 150 ~ 600LB, JIS: 10 ~ 40K
Suitable temperature: -200 ℃ - + 560 ℃
Main material: WCB, LCB, WC9 , CF8, CF8M, CF3M
Drive: aerodynamic
Design criteria: GB / T17213
Flange standard: GB / T9113, JB / T79 , HG20594 and other standard
Inspection standards: GB / T4213
Form connect: flange (FF RF RTJ), welding (SW BW), thread (for 1 "or less)
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First, the pneumatic angle control valve overview

Pneumatic angle control valve with the top of the guide structure, equipped with multi-spring pneumatic actuator. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, sensitive action, streamlined fluid channels, small pressure drop loss, large valve capacity, accurate flow characteristics and convenient disassembly and assembly. Widely used in precise control of gas, liquid and other media, process parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature, liquid level at a given value. Especially suitable for small amount of leakage before the valve pressure difference is not large after the high viscosity, containing suspended solids and particulate matter regulation, to avoid coking, clogging, easy self-cleaning and cleaning occasions. This series of products are room temperature type, regulation cut off, bellows sealed, high temperature, thermal insulation jacket and other series. Nominal product pressure rating PN10, 16,25,64,100; body diameter range DN20-DN200. Leakage grade Ⅳ or Ⅵ level. Applicable fluid temperature from -200 ℃ - + 560 ℃ range of a variety of grades, the flow characteristics of linear or equal percentage. A variety of specifications to choose from. This series of control valve structure of new, fully functional, full range.


Second, the main components of pneumatic angle control valve material

Body made of carbon steelBody made of stainless steel
4Guide sleeve3043043044Guide sleeve304316316L
6Valve stem3043043046Valve stem304316316L
7fillerPTFE / flexible graphite7fillerPTFE / flexible graphite


Third, the angle valve cover pneumatic form

Note: Normal temperature type: room temperature type operating temperature -20 - +200 ℃, leak level is Ⅳ level. 
 High-temperature bonnet additional heat sink can be used for medium temperature -60- +450 ℃ occasions. 
 Bellows sealed type to move up and down the stem to form a complete seal, blocking fluid leakage. 
 Low-temperature type with extended valve cover and insulation board structure can be -196 ℃ cryogenic occasions.


Fourth, the main technical parameters pneumatic angle valve

Nominal diameter DN (mm)20253240506580100125150200
Rated flow 
    coefficient KV
straight line6.9.61117.627.54469100176275440690
Equal percentage6.31016254063100160250400630
Is the roleZHA-22ZHA-23ZHA-34ZHA-45
Rated stroke L (mm)16254060
Diaphragm effective area Ae (cm2)2804006001000
Nominal pressure PN (MPa)1.6 2.5 4.0 6.4 10.0
Inherent flow characteristicsStraight line percentage
Inherent adjustable R50: 1
Signal range Pr (KPa)20-60, 20-100, 40-200, 60-100, 80-240
Air pressure Ps (MPa)0.14, 0.25, 0.28, 0.40
Allow leakageⅥ level
Operating temperatureNormal temperature type-20 to 200, -40 to 250, -60 to 250
Cooling type-40 ~ 450, -60 ~ 450
High temperature type450 ~ 560
Low temperature type-60 ~ -100, -100 ~ -200, -200 ~ -250

 Fifth, pneumatic angle valve main performance parameters

Serial numberprojectStandard control valveCooling, low temperature control valve
Without locatorWith locatorWithout locatorWith locator
1Basic error <(%)± 5± 1± 15± 4
2Back to the difference <(%)31103
3Dead zone <(%)30.481
4Always point deviation <(%)Open airStart point± 2.5± 1± 6± 2.5
end± 5± 15
Qi offStart point± 5± 15
end± 2.5± 6
± 2.5+2.5+6+2.5

 Six, pneumatic angle control valve dimensions

LPN16 / 2595100105115125145155175200225275
Pressure LevelGB: 1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 6.4, 10.0 MPa ANSI: 150, 300, 600 LB JIS: 10, 20, 30, 40K
Execution agencyZHB-22ZHB-23ZHB-34ZHB-45