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Pneumatic diaphragm cage valve

Model: CV3000
Nominal diameter: DN20 ~ 200mm
Nominal pressure: PN1.6 ~ 6.4MPa
Ambient temperature: -30 ~ +70 ℃ The
Main material: cast steel (ZG230-450), cast stainless steel (ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti, ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti, ZG00Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti) titanium
Drive: aerodynamic
Design criteria: GB / T17213
Flange standard: GB / T9113, JB / T79 , HG20594 and other standard
Inspection standards: GB / T4213
Form connect: flange (FF RF RTJ), welding (SW BW) , Thread (for 1 "or less)
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First, the product description

Pneumatic diaphragm valve is a control of a variety of high temperature, low temperature high-pressure, pressure balance control valve, the valve structure is compact, the valve fluid flow was S-line, but also to improve the smooth flow around the sleeve fluid Of the guide vane, which is characterized by pressure loss loss, large flow, wide range of adjustable, high flow characteristics, in line with IEC534 standards, regulating valve dynamic stability, low noise, flash cavitation corrosion is small, suitable for control High temperature differential pressure fluids. Equipped with LHA multi-spring pneumatic film actuator, its compact structure, the output power. Products comply with GB / T4213-92.

Second, the main technical parameters

Valve Body
 Connection Type: Flange Connection: FF, RF, RJ, LG, Groove, Insert 
 Flange Standard: JIS B2201-1984, ANSI B16.5-1981, GB / T9112 ~ 9124-2000 etc. 
 Welding Connection: SW engagement welding 
 materials: steel (ZG230-450), cast stainless steel (ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti, ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti, ZG00Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti), titanium and other 
 valve cover: normal type (P): - 17 ~ + 230 ℃ 
 elongated ⅰ (E1): -45 ~ -17 ℃ + 230 ~ + 566 ℃ 
 Elongation Ⅱ (E2I): - 100 ~ -45 ℃ 
 Elongation Ⅱ (E2W): - 196 ~ -100 ℃ 
 Note: the working temperature is not allowed to exceed a variety of materials The allowable range. 
 Gland Type: Bolt Compression 
 Filling: V-type PTFE packing, impregnated PTFE asbestos packing, asbestos braided packing, graphite packing 
   Valve components

 Type: Single-seat sleeve plunger-type valve plug 
 flow Features: Equal Percentage (%) and Linearity (L) 
 Sleeve Type: Discrete Sleeve 
 Material: Stainless Steel (1Cr18Ni9Ti, 1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti, 17-4PH, 9Cr18, 316L) Corrosion of alloys

Type: LHA multi-spring film actuator, LVA5 single spring film actuator, LVA6 single-acting cylinder piston actuator, LVP double-acting cylinder piston actuator 
 diaphragm material: EPDM clip nylon cloth, NBR nylon clip cloth 
 spring range: 20 ~ 100,80 ~ 240kPa (LHA , LVA5 type), 190 ~ 350,190 ~ 400kPa ( LVA6 type) 
 supply pressure: 140 ~ 400kPa (LHA type), 140 ~ 280kPa (LVA5 type) 
 400 - 500kPa (LVA6 type), 300 ~ 500kPa (LVP type) 
 Air source interface: Rc1 / 4 
 Ambient temperature: -30 ~ +70 ℃ 
 Valve action type: Positive or reverse acting actuator to achieve the valve gas-off or gas - Open 
 Accessories: Positioner, Air Filter Regulator, Relief Valve, Stroke Switch, Valve Position Transmitter, Solenoid Valve, Handwheel Mechanism, etc.

Leakage: Metal Seat: less than 0.01% of valve rated capacity, in line with ANSI B16.104-1976IV grade 
 soft seat: less than the valve rated capacity of 10-7, in line with ANSI B16.104-1976IV level Backlash 
 : with positioning Less than 1% of full stroke 
 without positioner: less than 3% of full stroke (LHA1 less than 5% of full stroke) 
 Basic error: With positioner: less than ± 1% of full stroke 
 without locator: Less than ± 5% of the full stroke 
 Note: The standard V-type PTFE filler 
 can be adjusted within the range of 50: 1 (0.25≤Cv≤14) or 30: 1 (CV≤0.16)

Third, the main dimensions

Normal temperature
type (P)
type Ⅰ (E1)
type Ⅱ (E2I)
Ⅱ (E2W)
40LHA1D, R42559070594523021870
LHA2D, R5006657801020281267
LHA3D, R5907608751140363350
50LHA1D, R42559571095023021880
LHA2D, R5006707851025281267
LHA3D, R5957658751140363350
65LHA2D, R575745/755880113028126788
LHA3D, R630800/8109301180363350
LHA4D, R8651035/104511651495520470
80LHA2D, R580755/765900113528126798
LHA3D, R635810/8209551190363350
LHA4D, R8701045/105511901505520470
100LHA2D, R610810/8709151150281267113
LHA3D, R660860/87010201205363350
LHA4D, R8901100/111012551520520470
150LHA3D, R7851020/104512501385363350170
LHA4D, R9551190/121514251570520470
200LHA4D, R1090135015801710520470220