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Pneumatic three-way shut-off valve

Model: ZMAQ (Q)
Nominal diameter: DN15 ~ 200mm
Nominal pressure: PN10 ~ 64MPa
Temperature: -60 ~ 450 ℃
Main material: HT200, ZG230-450 ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti ZGOCr18Ni12M02Ti
Drive mode: pneumatic
Design criteria: GB / T17213
Flange standard: GB / T9113, JB / T79 , HG20594 and other standard
Inspection standards: GB / T4213
Connection: flange (FF RF RTJ), welding (SW BW), the screw (for a "less)
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First, the pneumatic three-way shut-off valve overview

Pneumatic three-way shut-off valve with top guide structure, equipped with multi-spring actuator. Has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, action-sensitive, S-streamline fluid flow line, small pressure drop loss, valve capacity, easy disassembly. Shut-off valve to accept the signal from the regulating instrument, cut off, open or change the media flow to achieve automatic control of process parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature or liquid level. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, light industry, textile and other industrial sectors of the production process automatic control and remote control system.  This series of products are film, piston two. The valve body structure has a single seat, sleeve, two seats (three two-way) three, the sealing form of packing seal and bellows seal two, the product nominal pressure grade PN10,16,40,64 four, nominal diameter Range DN20 ~ 200mm. For fluid temperature from -60 ~ 450 ℃. Leakage level for the IV or Ⅵ level. Flow characteristics for the quick opening.

   Second, pneumatic three-way cut-off valve product characteristics

1, Shut-off valve adopts multi-spring actuator and adjusting mechanism to connect with three columns, the whole height can be reduced by about 30% and the weight can be reduced by about 30%.  
 2, the valve body designed by the principle of fluid mechanics such as cross-section low flow resistance flow channel, the rated flow coefficient increased by 30%.
 3, the valve part of the seal has two types of tight and soft seal, close-type surfacing carbide, soft seal for the soft material production, sealing performance when closed.
 4, balanced type trim, improve the allowable pressure drop off valve.
5, the bellows sealed type of valve stem to form a complete seal, blocking the possibility of media leakage.
6, piston-type actuator, operating force, the use of large pressure.

   Third, pneumatic three-way shut-off valve main parts and materials

Valve body, sealing sleeve: HT200, ZG230-450 ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti ZGOCr18Ni12M02Ti 
 Spool, valve seat: 1Cr18Ni9Ti OCr18Ni12M02Ti 1Cr18Ni9Ti Welding Department Tai Lai alloy 
 sleeve, valve plug: 1Cr18Ni9Ti OCr18Ni12M02Ti 1Cr18Ni9Ti Welding Department Tai Cai alloy 
 filler: Teflon , Flexible Graphite 
 Corrugated Diaphragm: NBR Clamp Reinforced Polyester Fabric 
 Spring: 60Si2Mn 
 Stem, Push Rod: 2Cr13   , 1Cr18Ni9Ti Spool, Plug (Soft): Reinforced Teflon 
 Bellows: 1Cr18Ni9Ti

 Fourth, pneumatic three-way shut-off valve specifications and technical parameters

Nominal diameter DN (mm)1520253240506580100125150200
Rated flow coefficient KVSingle seat, two-seater571120304875120190300480760
Nominal pressure PN (MPa)1.0 1.6 4.0 6.4
Rated travel (mm)81220254050
Effective area (cm 2)ZMQ type1002004006001000
ZSQ type100125160250
Allow leakageHard seal 1 / h- general: 10 -4 X-rated valve capacity; tight type: Single, two-seater: 1.2 X -7 , sleeve 5X10-6 X-rated valve capacity
Soft sealLevel VI
Allowable pressure difference (MPa)ZMQ PN is working6.45.092.911.852.181.331.520.990.620.600.690.39
ZMQ PN reaction6.46.43.882.472.911.772.031.320.830.800.920.52
ZMS QMNominal pressure
Signal pressure (kPa)ZMQ0 or 250
ZSQ0 or 400 ~ 600

1) The performance indicators of this product are in accordance with GB / T4213-92; 
 2) If the allowable pressure difference in the table is greater than the nominal pressure, the nominal pressure shall be taken as the nominal pressure and less than or equal to the nominal pressure; 
 3) Value, can be equipped with different cylinders to increase the allowable pressure 
   Fifth, pneumatic three-way cut off valve dimensions and weight

Nominal diameter DN (mm)1520253240506580100125150200
Aф 196ф 232ф 308ф 394ф 498
LPN16, 40130150160180200230290310350400480600
HPN16, 40305340345370380390475490500765825927
Bellows sealed type3754094144314414685555706138559151017
H1PN16, 4050535870758393100110125143170
H3PN16, 4040441542844846856157859088610081120
Bellows sealed type39546547850950954864165867097610981210
Weight (kg)Standard type1010121518233545607590120
Bellows sealed type1212141720263848647995125