Cone valve

Model: ZFL
Nominal diameter: DN800 ~ 1600mm
Nominal pressure: ≤ 16Mpa
Suitable temperature: -60 ~ 120 ℃
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Structural Features and Uses  
-type conical valve consists of buried pipe, valve body, sleeve, electric device, screw, connecting rod and other parts, the structure of the outer sleeve, the valve body is fixed. It is the use of screw nut retractable action, driven by the outer sleeve up and down action, to achieve the purpose of opening and closing the valve. The valve has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, compact layout, flexible operation, convenient maintenance, reliable operation and small opening and closing force. When the valve discharges, the water tongue is in the shape of a trumpet, the air diffuses and aerates, and the energy dissipation effect is good. In general, no energy dissipation measures are required. For example, the submerged outlet flow can be measured and the energy dissipation under water measurement is also very simple. It is widely used in water conservancy, hydropower, reservoirs and other projects.

To Performance

specificationLayout formThe maximum opening mOverhaul of the largest openingDesign head mThe maximum flow m / sClosing force knMotor power kw
DN80045 ° C0.404806013.58.73
DN100045 ° C0.507006021.0603
DN120045 ° C0.588106030.3734
DN140045 ° C0.708306041.2844
DN160045 ° C0.749306053.8955.5


The main shape and size of the connection table

DNDD1ndAΒB1LL1L2L3ΗH1RWeight kg